Wo We Are

I was not born in Carloforte but I spent here the most beautiful summers of my life.

Working for 20 years in the tourism sector, i had the opportunity to visit and live in wonderful countries, from Cuba to Kenya, from Zanzibar to the Maldives, India and Thailand.

Having known this great exploratory wealth, my heart remains in Carloforte.

Our homes are the story of my family, some received from grandparents with only one room and over the years expanded and renovated.

More recently redecorated, as the apartment "U Bossu", which takes its name from my grandfather called so after living 50 years in the United States.

The island of Carloforte is special, magical, I'm happy to have the opportunity to make it known.

Sandy and rocky beaches, coves, pine forests, small restaurants and typical restaurants, colorful lanes, diving, snorkelling, boat trips and the famous Tuna of Carloforte with the history of the trap.

In summer on the roads of the country you can still hear the serenades, the narrow alleys are home to exhibitions of painting, the smell of focaccia and pesto pervades from all angles.

At night, the town square is alive.

The island offers everything for those who want a peaceful holiday for those who want a more worldly life.

Homes are equipped with every comfort to suit every taste: in the central area to have everything at hand, on the beach for those who want to experience everything of the sea or by pine forest with the scent of myrtle and wild rosemary.

We like to take care of our guests and give them our best advice to be able to discover all the best that the island offers.

The best season for the weather is from May to October.

See you in Carloforte, the island of hawks, the Isle of Bengodi!