Carloforte, isola di sanpietro isola di carloforte

Carloforte is an Italian municipality that counts 6,420 inhabitants and today belongs to the province of Carbonia-Iglesias.
It is located on the island of San Pietro, southwest of Sardinia; together with the nearby island of S. Antioco and other nearby islets and rocks is the archipelago of Sulcis.

Clear sea, wild coast, small sandy beaches, cliffs that stretch to the sea and nature.

From generation to generation people from Carloforte remained tied to the magic of their land.

Carloforte is an island from the Ligurian origins and was settled in 1738.

The original inhabitants were from Pegli, they went originally went to Tabarka to fish coral, after several ups and downs including slavery, they came to the island and found the independence.

Carloforte "strong Carlo" is dedicated to King Charles IV who first gave to Carloforte land and subsequently, when the Tunisian pirates invaded the island helped the residents to get free.

The inhabitants of Carloforte still maintain intact the dialect of their ancestors from Ligurian , who for the common passage from the Tunisian island of Tabarka is called Tabarchino, all speak Tabarchino from the elderly to children.
San Pietro is also the patron of the fishermen of the island. It is said that the saint would protect the coral and the tonnarotti.
Even today, June 29th is feast for Carloforte. They hold large celebrations with a procession at sea with fireworks set to music.

At any time of the year the inhabitants have unique warmth, they are welcoming, kind, always ready to make a good talk with you and to offer you a traditional cookie or a glass of moscato (sweet local wine) prepared at home.
Culinary traditions respect the origins of Carloforte.

Typical dishes from the traditional Genoese, such as pesto, focaccia and trofie embrace the strong flavours from Sardinia such as fried anemones and the thuna and ethnic flavors of North Africa as the delicious cascà.

The deep and blue sea of Sardinia and the magic of Carloforte is looking forward to see you ...